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dolphin show , safari tours Representative will pick you up from your hotel with the comfortable air-conditioned transfer and take you right to the world of dolphins.
One hour long show of dolphins and other sea animals will be a great entertainment for you and your family.
During the show you can make photos from your sit and after the show is finished you may come down and see dolphins even closer in Dolphin Show in Hurghada .
Don’t miss this wonderful chance to become a little closer to the incredible world of the sea!
One of the most modern delphiniums in the world.

Dolphin World’s

incredible dolphin, sea lions and sea cats show will leave you speechless as our dolphin and sea world stars perform a dazzling array of flips, leaps and twists, they even sing and talk.

In this high energy performance, our trainers demonstrate the dolphins’ tenderness and grace by diving right in to swim alongside them!
When you are sitting in one of our 1288 Roman Theater form spectacle zone, watch out for waves and get charged of pure positive energy!
People say they come to Dolphin World to see the dolphins but they fall in love with our sea lions and sea cats while they’re here.
This is sure to be a show you will never forget Swim with the Dolphins Dolphin World is one of the few places nationwide where you have the opportunity to swim with a dolphin!
You will experience the power and playfulness of this amazing mammal in waist to chest deep water.