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  • Hurghada City Tour

Hurghada shopping and City Tour

Hurghada City Tour , Discover the different districts Explore both the traditional old town and the new, modern . discover the different districts .
After being picked up at your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle, you will drive to the fishing village and visit original, simple houses that only have one floor.
It feels like time stands still in this part of the city. The fishermen get up with the sunrise and go to sleep as the sun sets. Life is simple and traditional.
Visit a shipyard and see how fishing boats are built and restored using traditional methods.

The largest mosque in Hurghada

is situated nearby. Here you can learn more about Islam, the main religion of Egypt. You will then continue to the oldest Coptic church in the city.
At the end of the tour you will visit the large fruit and vegetable market before you are dropped off back at your hotel.
Hurghada Shopping And City Tour  enjoy the best sense of a shopping tour in Hurghada with safe, fun, modern, and effortlessly air-conditioned car. shopping with the best drivers in Hurghada.

The shops you will visit Hurghada City Tour

• souvenirs shop, handicrafts and Khan Al Khalili products.
• Store perfumes, natural oils and cosmetics.
• Spices and Seasonings and Natural herbs shop.
• leather products store.
• Fruit shop.
There’s more to the coastal city of Hurghada than its beaches and diving sites.
Take a small-group sightseeing tour and discover the cultural and historic landmarks of this city and learn more from your tour guide.
Visit the old market, Grand Mosque, Coptic Church, and the marina over the course of a few hours. This tour is ideal for first-time visitors to Hurghada.
Take a small-group sightseeing tour around Hurghada See the old market, Grand Mosque, fish market, and more Learn about the history and culture of the city from your guide This tour is limited 12 travelers for a personalized experience