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Submarine Trips From Hurghada
The semi-submarine, despite its name, is just a ship but with a submerged passenger viewing deck, equipped with comfortable swivel seats, located in its’ deep hull some three meters below sea level from which you can look down at the seabed through large clear panoramic windows.

In real submarines large windows are not usually possible due to the problems of pressure at depth but because the viewing deck of the semi-submarine is close to sea level it is able to make extensive use of glass to create an experience for the passenger similar to scuba diving – without the need for any lessons or the risks of diving,

you would love to see Hurghada ‘s virgin coral reefs and exotic fish from deep down, but perhaps you are a family with young children

or you might be a tad nervous about all those scary marine creatures (jellyfish, sea scorpions etc).

Submarine Trips From Hurghada enjoy with Hurghada Tours and have the best Submarine and semi-submarine seascape Excursions, Come and join us on a wonderful Seascope submarine Tours

Enjoy yourself in the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea on a 2-hour trip from Hurghada by semi-submarine. Climb aboard the boat with fantastic panoramic views of the colorful fish, reefs, and corals.